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  • Orgone Monitor Shields

    Place these on your computer monitor or any place that will accept adhesive. Perfect for the base of your cordless phone. Enhanced Handmade Orgonite Monitor Shields are packed with plenty of powerful ingredients. Malachite & Hawaiian botanical powder gives a powerful punch to life-promoting orgone energy. Hematite is added for grounding, calm & mental clarity. … Continue reading »

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  • Orgone Pocket ‘Stones’

    Great to carry with you! Same high vibration formula as in the Meditation pieces –  each enhanced orgonite ‘stone’ is hand polished & contains Malachite and Hawaiian botanical powder to boost the orgone.  People report that this formula greatly enhances their ability to connect to the inner eye – others say that this formula allows … Continue reading »

  • Orgone Cell Phone Strap Charms

    Same protection as my orgonite cell phone shields! Enhanced with Mayan botanical powder & hand-made copper torus coils. Coils greatly increase the range of life-promoting orgone. This combination gives the orgonite matrix an even more powerful punch of protection. Several healthcare professionals report that these are the best cell phone buttons they’ve used! They never … Continue reading »

  • Orgone Cell Audio Jack Adapter Plug Shields

      Designed to fit into 3.5mm TRS cell phone audio jacks. Orgonite Cell Phone Adapter Plug shields are enhanced with Mayan botanical powder & hand-made copper torus coils. This combination gives the orgonite matrix an even more powerful punch of protection. (Samsung phone not included) They never expire!!! *Please note: Colors vary with monitor settings … Continue reading »

  • Amulets Sold

     SOLD Blue Heart Embedded Spiral -Silver-plated Bail on Satin Cord w/ adjustable slider Heart – 1” across and 7/8” length      $65  SOLD       SOLD      $40  SOLD Amethyst fosters contentment, peace, stability, serenity & spiritual awareness        SOLD       $20 Copper Spiral (Trapezoid 1/2″ X  1″) Satin Cord … Continue reading »

  • Orgonite metal ratio to resin

    People often comment that my orgonite has a lot of shavings as compared to other jewelry and pyramids on the market. The recommended guidelines for making good orgonite is to use a 50-50 ratio of metal to resin to create orgonite. My orgone pieces may contain crystals, stones, shells, etc, however, the basic rule is … Continue reading »

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