Orgonite Amulets

The feedback has been tremendous for handcrafted enhanced orgonite pendants & amulets!

People report that my orgonite jewelry has a very elevated beautiful vibrational essence. They also relay that their energy levels are restored when they put on their pendants & they stay balanced and calm in stressful situations. Others claim that they experience regeneration on a cellular level and that the orgone pendants regulate and revitalize their auric fields.

In addition to protection from EMR, energy sensitives report that the Malachite & Hawaiian botanical powder I add to the crystal/orgonite matrix greatly enhances the orgone bringing in subtle, yet powerful etheric essences.

Malachite is a stone of balance. It is very powerful in aiding with the interpretation and transfer of information that leads to Spiritual Evolution & inner eye connection. Malachite assists one to be comfortable in changing situations. It is the stone of Fidelity in relationships. Anti-radiation, tissue regeneration-nervous system/pancreas.

Orgonite works perpetually and never expires!!




Beautiful Orgonite Pendant  $40

Opihi Shell Silver Attachment (total length 1 3/4″) 18″ Leather Cord Silver-plated clasp

**Shell contains orgonite plug inside

1 Only





Super orgonite - Beautiful orgone pendant necklace $30  

Lapis Gold-plated Bail (Trapezoid 1/2″ X 1″) Embedded Spiral – Satin Cord w/Adj Slider

1 left





DSCF7161 $28

Faux Turquoise with Silver (Trapezoid 1/2″ X 1″)  18″ Leather Cord Silver-plated clasp

1 left







‘Firstly, thank you so much! I have an electrical sensitivity and I am on disability for it. None of the expensive products have worked for me and some have made me worse. I got your products and I was able to sit under fluorescent lights with no ill effect for the first time since 1995. It felt great and I am thrilled. I wrapped the little rings around my ankles and my knee pain disappeared! I can’t say enough about how your orgonite has helped me! I am so grateful for your products.’ -M.C., Kona, HI







 Super orgonite high vibrational orgone pendants  $32 
Spiral Shell Black (Loop 1 1/4″) Leather adjustable cord

1 left






Beautiful Orgonite Pendant  $45

Black Loop Glass Bead Necklace  (Loop 1 1/4″) 20″ Gold-plated lobster clasp

1 Only







Super orgonite high vibrational orgone pendants  SOLD

Infinity Black  (Loop 1 3/4″) Silver-plate & adjustable Black Leather




‘I don’t usually wear anything around my neck, but I couldn’t resist the awesome black amulet. As soon as I put it on I could feel energy running along my neck and spine. It’s really stunning and I don’t want to take it off.’ -D.C., Kauai





Beautiful Orgonite Pendant $35

Amethyst & Silver  (1 1/2″) Copper-wrapped Crystal Point. 18″ Leather Cord Silver-plated clasp

2 left






Beautiful orgone pendant necklace  $32  

Black Stone Bead Wire-Wrap (1 1/4″)  18″Leather Cord Silver-plated lobster clasp

1 Only



Picture coming soon $28
Black & Silver (Rectangle 1/2″ X 1″)  18″ Leather Cord Silver-plated clasp





‘I bought a large amulet to wear at the computer and then fell in love with a smaller pendant with a blue stone. I love the way it feels and I get tons of complements on it. People want to know what it is. I just ordered the hematite stone amulet for my BF.’ -K.K., Los Angeles





Super orgonite high vibrational orgone pendants  $42  SOLD

Black Translucent Czech Glass Bead Copper-wrapped Double-term Crystal






Super orgonite - Beautiful orgone pendant necklace  $44  SOLD

Copper Spiral Shell & Lapis 






‘These are so much prettier in person than on the website. My friends keep commenting on how beautiful my amulet is. I can really feel the difference when I wear it. I won’t go anywhere without it.’ -W.M., Kapaa, HI





‘The package arrived nicely on time and I wanted to say Thank you. You have very
energetic work. Thank you Very Much!’ -D.W., Stanwood, WA





Shipments to United States addresses only. Kauai Island USPS does not offer global tracking.