Orgonite Amulets

Orgone Pendant Beautiful Orgonite Infinity Pendant    Powerful and Beautiful!

The feedback has been tremendous for my handcrafted enhanced lightweight orgonite amulets!

In addition to protection from EMR, energy sensitives report that the Malachite & Hawaiian botanical powder I add to the crystal/orgonite matrix greatly enhances the orgone bringing in subtle, yet powerful etheric essences.

Malachite is a stone of balance. It is very powerful in aiding with the interpretation and transfer of information that leads to Spiritual Evolution & inner eye connection. Malachite assists one to be comfortable in changing situations.

Our DNA radiates light waves.  Orgonite transforms the electromagnetic vibrations of modern technology into a frequency compatible with human well-being.  Orgonite assists to balance all of our bodies and fields to bring us into natural states of harmony, re-establishing energy flow in the body meridian system.

People report that my orgonite jewelry has a very elevated beautiful vibrational essence.  They also relay that their energy levels are restored when they put on their pendants & they stay balanced and calm in stressful situations.  Others claim that they experience regeneration on a cellular level and that the orgone pendants regulate and revitalize their auric fields. 

imagesKirlian aura photos show the human aura expand and strengthen when orgonite is placed near the body.

t_img4cb080f3ab17f resize_img4cb0800e61139-300x272 Orgone is associated with blue and lavender auric hues as revealed through Kirlian photography.

Orgonite works perpetually and never expires!!



Beautiful Orgone Pendant Jewelry $28

Black & Silver Rectangle (1.25″) on 17″ Leather Cord w/ Extender & Lobster clasp

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Orgone Necklace Jewelry orgonite pendant Amulet orgone $30 

Amethyst Stone & Antique Silver  (1.5″) satin cord with adjustable slider

Amethyst: fosters contentment, peace, stability, serenity & spiritual awareness

*Color varies with monitor settings

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Orgone Necklace Jewelry orgonite pendant Amulet Beautiful enhanced powerful orgonite orgone pendant Amulet Jewelry $33

Spiral Iridescent Blue Czech Bead with Silver-plated wire ring attachment (Pendant 1.25″) Leather cord

Contains Double-terminated Crystal 

*Shades vary with monitor settings. Handcrafted. Spirals vary slightly

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DSC_5904 $25 

Rounded Trapezoid (1″) satin cord with adjustable slider

Someone asked me to make them blue Turquoise. This is the result….

*Color varies with monitor settings

1 only





DSC_5900 $25 

Trapezoid (1″) satin cord with adjustable slider

More ‘blue Turquoise’

*Color varies with monitor settings

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‘Hey Janice! The pendant I purchased was pretty miraculous I have to say so I trust your orgonite products and other sites shipping takes longer haha. Thank you!’ -V.K., GA


‘These are so much prettier in person than on the website. My friends keep commenting on how beautiful my amulet is. I can really feel the difference when I wear it. I won’t go anywhere without it.’ -W.M., Kapaa, HI



Super orgonite high vibrational orgone pendants $42

Black Loop Infinity (Loop measures 1.75″)  on 17″ Leather Cord w/ Extender & Lobster clasp

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‘Firstly, thank you so much! I have an electrical sensitivity and I am on disability for it. None of the expensive products have worked for me and some have made me worse. I got your products and I was able to sit under fluorescent lights with no ill effect for the first time since 1995. It felt great and I am thrilled. I wrapped the little rings around my ankles and my knee pain disappeared! I can’t say enough about how your orgonite has helped me! I am so grateful for your products.’ -M.C., Kona, HI




Black Copper Spiral  (pendant measures 1.25″) 18″ Satin cord with w/Lobster Clasp

*Color varies with monitor settings
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Beautiful Orgonite Necklace Ring Jewelry Pendant $38

Copper Spiral Black Loop (Loop measures 1.75″)  Antique Copper Attachment on 17″ Leather Cord w/ Extender & Lobster clasp

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‘I wrap the little tube torus rings around my ankles and sleep with them. I no longer wake up with knee pain.’ -P. B., Honolulu, HI


‘I don’t usually wear anything around my neck, but I couldn’t resist the awesome black amulet. As soon as I put it on I could feel energy running along my neck and spine. It’s really stunning and I don’t want to take it off.’ -D.C., Kauai


‘The package arrived nicely on time and I wanted to say Thank you. You have very energetic work. Thank you Very Much!’ -D.W., Stanwood, WA



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