Orgonite metal ratio to resin

WaveShift Orgonite

People often comment that my orgonite has a lot of shavings as compared to other jewelry and pyramids on the market. The recommended guidelines for making good orgonite is to use a 50-50 ratio of metal to resin to create orgonite. My orgone pieces may contain crystals, stones, shells, etc, however, the basic rule is that orgonite should contain a 50-50 mix of metals and resin.

Orgonite is based on Dr Wilhelm Reich’s discovery that organic material (resin) attracts orgone energy, while inorganic material (metal) simultaneously repels it. By mixing metal and resin, the molecules begin to vibrate at different molecular frequencies creating friction. This vibration moves the EMR in our environments out of the electromagnetic spectrum and shifts it into the etheric realm where it ceases to exist as EMF and is purified. When this newly purified energy flows out of the orgone device, our environments become balanced and life enhancing. Look for orgonite that has a good balanced mix of resin to metal ratio.

Metal shavings are the best option for metal in orgonite. Most serious orgonite makers recognize the potency lies in the type of shavings used and the good ratio to resin mixture. It’s important to consider the size of the shavings. The more surface area the metal has the more effective it will be in transforming energy. That is why powdered metal is not desirable as it can be less efficient – absorbing more negative energy than it cleans.

Many people use BBs in their orgonite. My understanding is that it is the uneven shavings with their sharp edges that is important for piercing the etheric realms. However, this is a personal choice. Choose shavings, if possible, that range from small to large. (avoid nuts, bolts, screws and nails)

Aluminum is the main metal I use in my orgonite. I use steel shavings and Copper as well. Aluminum is the most commonly used metal in orgonite making.  People ask if aluminum is safe to use. Many people who make orgonite and those who are sensitive to energy will tell you that aluminum is fine to use.

As stated on the Warrior Matrix forum: Emlong explains, ‘Aluminum is all about context. It is one of the most abundant elements on earth. Most clays are alumina, and many minerals are aluminosilicates. Were aluminum inherently bad our planet and much of the universe would be a constant Hell for biological organisms. Of course, in certain forms and in certain relationships aluminum can be toxic, but that is true of most any element in the periodic table. In orgonite, I personally find that aluminum brings a sort of “high” energy as compared to copper which feels more grounded. Some of us like to mix the two.’

Aloha! Janice




Mothers do the darndest things!

I sent my 85 year-old mother in Seattle some orgonite and she loved it. She reported that for the first time in her life she did not feel anxious and that she actually stopped biting her nails!

I sent her some large and small hearts, phone buttons and pendants. She said that she put a piece on her micro-wave and was able to stand right in front of it and not feel the microwave ‘pull’ on her pacemaker…. before orgonite, she used to hit the start button and run out of the room.

Ok, that’s a great a great confirmation that it works. But when I went to visit her last month, I was stunned to see that the piece she was talking about was a small pendant! I thought she had placed a big heart on it! When I asked her why she put the pendant on the micro-wave, she answered that she had given many of the other pieces to curious visitors. Good thing I brought her more!I told her to put her amulet back on (she used to sleep with it) and I placed an electro-shield onto the microwave and one on the fuse box. I told her to keep her dome next to the wall where the outside electrical meters are. Yikes!!

Hopefully, she will keep some of it!


WaveShift Powerful Super Org


Orgonite keeps you balanced


Powerful incredible super orgonite

Because my products cost much less than many well known energy balancing EMF protection devices, people often ask me how orgonite compares to them. Many commercial products claim they keep a person balanced, heal on a cellular level and resonate with a person’s energy fields.

My answer is that orgonite not only protects your fields from unwanted radiation and a host of other unwanted energies, I have received many reports from people that they experience physical and emotional balance and healing, including healing of the organs and into their cellular structure.

Orgone energy is life-promoting ch’i energy or prana. I can not make claims for medical or psychological conditions, however, I refer people to my stories page to get an idea of how people have responded to my products.

Much Love,




HAARP, Smart Meters & WaveShift Formula

We’ve created a mixture of Hawaiian botanical powder & minerals to boost the potency of orgonite. We call this formula WaveShift. Energy sensitive testers are giving tremendous feedback on the very powerful effects of this formula. I am getting reports (which I have posted on my Domes, Pyramids & Stories pages) that my Pyramids and Smart Domes are very successful against the effects of ‘Smart’ meters and other unseen energies.

Although the new formula is very potent, people are noticing a sweetness or ‘softness’ that eminates from the WaveShift devices. Perhaps it more effectively utilizes the gemstone qualities that I put into my orgonite.

When asked about HAARP, I tell people it is best to understand what it is before understanding how it affects you and impacts the environment. I rented an eye-opening documentary on HAARP several years ago and found it again on YouTube. Well worth listening to as it represents many points of view on HAARP in a very straightforward manner.

Listening to the documentary underscores why I get so many varied reports from people on how orgonite has helped them. Some have related that their child’s ADD diminished or that an Alzheimer’s patient calmed down and became more lucid when an orgone device is placed in their environment. People have reported that they use orgonite for pain and depression. The first thing I tell people when asked if orgonite can help people with cancer or other diseases is that I can not make any medical claims. I invite people to read the ‘orgonite stories’ page on my website or do similar research on the net.

Aloha, Janice


Orgonite Pyramid WaveShift - most powerful incredible high vibration super orgonite


Orgonite Amulets with Malachite (and other goodies)

Super orgonite high vibrational orgone pendants

My husband (and chief etheric technologist) and I have been contemplating new ways to enhance the power of orgonite for my amulets so that I could make them lighter and smaller and just as potent as standard orgonite. He intuited that certain Hawaiian plants, dried and crushed with malachite would produce as potent an effect as a greater amount of orgonite.

We tested it on our energy sensitive friend first because she is brutally honest. She held it in her hand and exclaimed, “WOW! This is so much more ethereal! Just as powerful as your other pieces but softer. You guys really got this figured out. I love it!” The last time I saw her, she said she wears her amulet always.

I am now using this formula in my meditation disks because malachite has been called the “mirror of the soul”- reaching the inner feelings of a person and reflecting what is there to assist one to greater inner awareness. It is very powerful in aiding with the interpretation and transfer of information that leads to Spiritual evolution.

In addition to being a stone with anti-radiation properties, malachite aids in tissue regeneration and helps with nervous system issues.
Malachite is a stone of balance in relationships. Malachite’s gift is assisting one be comfortable in changing situations.
Malachite is an excellent stone for identifying, recognizing and releasing negative experiences, especially ones that you cannot recall.
It can be helpful in gaining insight into the cause of specific conditions, such as relationships, resentments, and anxiety so that you can release them.

Malachite is a stone believed to be a strong protector of children and helps to get rid of nightmares.

Copper enhances and magnifies the power of Malachite.

Love & aloha, Janice


Orgonite & Entities

Since orgonite functions to bring a person to their own inner wisdom, there are issues with those who are drawing on the power of external entities. If someone is working with high vibrational beings, who would encourage a person to look to their own council, there is harmony with the orgonite.

I have had a few experiences with people who are working with parasitic entities who are repelled or upset by the orgonite because these entities are unable to access the person’s life-force. These entities live off the person’s life-force energies in exchange for information or power. I had an experience with a woman who came to my home and was very distressed that she could not access her guides.

Several stories have been reported where orgonite has been taken to channeling events and the channeled entities cannot come through because their vibrational energies are too low. On another occasion, a woman with orgonite in her purse reported that her channeled guru behaved erratically. He began cursing and spitting at the audience, regressing into long incoherent jabberings. Distressing as it may be to witness such events, it does point out how careful we need to be if we are looking to someone else to guide us.

Love & Aloha, Janice


WaveShift Orgonite


Orgonite, Happiness & Inner Wisdom

WaveShift Orgonite Now that our orgonite products are getting a bit of a track record and the stories are flowing in, I am loving what I am hearing! More than one person has told me that it has changed their life!

I was at a beach picnic on the 4th of July and there was a young teen there who had twisted her ankle. We put a little heart on it and she said it really helped. I am hearing more stories about people using it for pain. One woman who has difficulties resulting from a broken back is getting relief by putting a cone on her back.

Another woman who was suffering from depression said that when she picked up a heart, her sadness vanished.
I am also hearing stories about how people are sleeping better when they put it under their pillow or next to their beds.

The look on some people’s faces is priceless when they hold them in their hands. They sort of melt and light up at the same time!

A friend reported ‘feeling much better’ after placing an orgone cone next to her bed and one in her office. She said a lot of her anxiety has diminished and that she feels happier in general. When people visit our home, they comment on how peaceful it is and they feel more free and open in their communication.

One friend buys it for her kids and grandchildren and her friends see it and abscond with it first, saying, “I have to have it NOW!”

Several of my healer friends say they have deeper intuition when working with clients when they hold the orgonite pieces during their sessions. One of the benefits of orgonite is that it is a natural avenue aiding in connection to the higher self resulting in deeper inner knowingness.

Some people experience a cleansing effect, in that the orgonite assists them in removing blockages that allow them to move into their own inner evolution. In this case, it may be advisable to move the orgonite out of the bedroom until the vibration of the piece and the person are better aligned.

Much Love & Aloha, Janice


How Etheria Arts was born…

My desire to bring forth the life-giving force of orgone into my environment has been it’s own journey. My darling friend and husband, Philip, began experimenting with orgonite last year and has been having a blast! I call him my chief etheric technologist. He is the one who turned me on to orgonite and has been studying it for the last eight years. Since there are so many great sites that explain how this wonderful stuff is transforming our world, I wanted to promote our products in the terms of transmuting personal environments and empowering lives.

We began making pieces of personal orgonite and some larger orgone generators and testing them on our energy sensitive friends. Many of them reported similar experiences of seeing or feeling energies being pulled into the devices and radiating out beautiful, purified energies. Some saw grounding energies on the bottom side of the device and the purified energies emitting from the top. Others held on and did not want to let go. We handed out Philip’s truth hearts (so named for the lapis inside that promotes truth-speak, higher guidance and intuition) to our close friends and family. Women, almost without fail, popped them into their bras.

The very first real impressive impact that these hearts had on someone’s well being, was after an acquaintance told that me her husband was having headaches. I instinctively told her to have him put a truth heart under his pillow. Two days later we received a phone call from her stating that her husband’s headaches had disappeared. He was astounded that this little device may have had an impact. He wanted to know how and why it could work! He reported that it does not leave his person, except to shower. He can now work in his office after placing the orgonite SmartShield on his modem, whereas previously, he could not tolerate that workspace.

We began to get other reports from people that their children were drawn to their aloha hearts, often absconding with them and some instinctively sleeping with them. We were amazed and excited to know that people were experiencing real, positive effects from the orgonite pieces. Others reported that when they brought larger pieces into their homes, friends would exclaim how peaceful their homes felt. We have had this similar experience ourselves. We are posting some of these reports under the ‘stories‘ page on this site.

I have always loved the many reports that I have read on orgonite user forums. Most wondrous, always, are the transformative effects on the earth, the water, and the sky and their inhabitants. People making it often spoke of the love and intention they infused it with. Although orgonite in its pure form works beautifully, I imagined that each person making it put their own energies into their creations. This bore out to be true when several people said that our orgonite had a very potent and sweet quality to it.

Thanks to our friends, they began telling their friends and suddenly, we had orders for our product. We put our Etheria Arts site together so that people would understand how this technology worked.

Namaste. Janice


WaveShift Powerful Super Orgonite Cone


Etheria Arts is Born!

The science is consciousness, the tools seen and unseen, serve the yearning of all who wish to look within themselves and find something so much more than the clang and clamor of the paper shadows of the outer realms.

Etheria awakens to the new fields and manifests magnificence for all who wish soul sovereignty.

The sleeper has awakened, and she is ready to work!